Chairman’s message CSR reports Australian Banks

It’s amazing these days what you can find on the web. Today I discovered Tagxedo ( which you can use to create visuals with words. It’s really easy. As an example, I copied and pasted the text of the Chairman’s message of the CSR report of ANZ Bank. This is the result:

Charles Goode, Chairman (ANZ Corporate Responsibility Review 2009)

To compare, I made another visual based on the CSR report of NAB, another Australian bank. This is their tag cloud:

Cameron Clyne, Group CEO

The nice thing about these tag clouds is that they allow to make some interesting observations. The NAB tag cloud for example shows that Group CEO likes to write about customers and the community. Interestingly, the message of the chairmain in the ANZ report does not contain a single mention of the word ‘customer’. Instead he uses the word ’employee’ more often compared to the NAB CEO statement.

Although it’s too easy to conclude from the tag clouds that the main focus of ANZ’s sustainability program is on servicing customers while NAB believes more in keeping employees happy. But still. Given the fact that a chairman’s message usually reflects the main focus areas of the report, the tag clouds provide a deeper understanding of a company’s sustainability thinking.

The next step will be to create tag clouds for different industries to compare the main sustainability themes.

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