2011 PR Newswire awards: blog winner

PR Newswire has announced “Kaiser Permanente ‘Dispatches From Haiti’” as the winner of the PR Newswire blog award 2011. I’ve written about the PR Newswire CSR awards in the previous blog. According to PR Newswire: “Dispatches From Haiti showcased Kaiser Permanente’s strength as a concerned corporate citizen”.

My favorite award nominee was USANA Health Sciences – What’s Up, USANA? I believe it’s much more challenging for an organisation to convince senior management to write a blog and to see social media as a business opportunity instead of a risk. For that reason alone I believe the PR Team of USANA deserved the award – even if it’s not all CSR related. Luckily there are more CSR awards to be won and I’m sure What’s Up, USANA will be nominated again.

For more see the award announcement article on PR Newswire.

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