CSR Awards: and the winner is…

It’s award time. I’m not referring to the Oscars but to the PR News CSR awards. PR News will announce the winners of the CSR awards on March 8.

PR News has a lot of awards to give out. The organization identified 26 award categories ranging from ‘Human Rights Communications’ to ‘CSR executive of the year’ and the best ‘CSR annual report’.

In this blog post, I will take a closer look at the three nominees in the best blog category. They are:

  • Kaiser Permanente – “Dispatches From Haiti”
  • Tiller LLC – Rob Densen’s Huffington Post Blog: CSR Matters
  • USANA Health Sciences – What’s Up, USANA?

And the winner is…

We won’t know until March 8. But if it was up to me, I would give the award to the PR team at USANA Health. Their blog gives a great inside look at the company. Most corporates still don’t know how to deal with social media focusing on the risks and ignoring the opportunities. USANA clearly passed that phase and uses social media to their full advantage.

Which blog do you like most? Are there any other CSR blogs that should be nominated?

Find more information on the three nominees below:

1. Kaiser Permanente – “Dispatches From Haiti”

Dispatches from Haiti is a WordPress blog with posts written by “Kaiser Permanente volunteers supporting Haitian earthquake relief efforts”. The blog has a very minimalistic look and feel and two pages: ‘home’ and ‘about’.

It’s a diary style blog with descriptions of the day to day activities of the volunteers. The last entry was on 13 December 2010, when the volunteers arrived safely home.

It’s not the first time this blog won an award. In October 2010, it received the PR News Digital PR Award for Best Blog.

2. Tiller LLC – Rob Densen’s Huffington Post Blog: CSR Matters

Rob Densen, founder and CEO of Tiller Cause Marketing and communications, writes guests blog for the Huffington Post. The problem with Rob Densen’s blog is that I could not find it on the website.  Instead I came across the blog “Philanthropy Channel Launches New Series — CSR: Myopia” written on July 10, 2010. Possibly Rob Densen changed the headline and this is the blog PR News nominated.

In his blog, Rob Densen expresses his views on aligning CSR with corporate objectives. Rob Densen is an excellent writer and he communicates his ideas on CSR in a very convincing way.

3. USANA Health Sciences – What’s Up, USANA?

The last nominee is ‘What’s Up, USANA’ a blog written by the PR staff of USANA Health Sciences, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

What's up USANA blog

Instead of their corporate website, the company uses blog platform ‘Blogger’ to publish the blog. One of the contributors is Tim Haran, manager of Social media content at USANA. Interestingly he was named blogger of the year in the 2010 PR News PR People award. Although this is a CSR award, most blog entries are not CSR related.

It’s obvious that the PR staff of USANA is very much into social media. Besides the blog, USANA Health has a Facebook page and they are active on Twitter. The PR team even convinced their management team to write updates for their own blog: “USANA Health Sciences, the official word from USANA’s Management team”. This is a great achievement.

Full list of PR News CSR award nominees

Blog: Kaiser Permanente – “Dispatches From Haiti”

Blog: Tiller LLC – Rob Densen’s Huffington Post Blog: CSR Matters

Blog: USANA Health Sciences – What’s Up, USANA?

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