2011 PR Newswire awards: blog winner

PR Newswire has announced "Kaiser Permanente ‘Dispatches From Haiti’" as the winner of the PR Newswire blog award 2011. I've written about the PR Newswire CSR awards in the previous blog. According to PR Newswire: "Dispatches From Haiti showcased Kaiser Permanente’s strength as a concerned corporate citizen". My favorite award nominee was USANA Health Sciences – What’s Up, … [Read more...]

CSR Awards: and the winner is…

Whats up USANA blog

It’s award time. I’m not referring to the Oscars but to the PR News CSR awards. PR News will announce the winners of the CSR awards on March 8. PR News has a lot of awards to give out. The organization identified 26 award categories ranging from ‘Human Rights Communications’ to ‘CSR executive of the year’ and the best ‘CSR annual report’. In this blog post, I will take a … [Read more...]