More obese than starving — SOS Children

The most shocking news I read this week was the fact that 15% of the world population is hungry while 20% (!) suffers from "excess nutrition". It's so easy to eat too much. Even this morning while we were having breakfast I noticed my 7 year old, eating an adult portion of scrambled eggs with bacon. It was way too much for him although he enjoyed it a lot! If I wouldn't have … [Read more...]

Water use in developing countries

Today is Blog Action day 2010 organised by to raise the awareness of the water crisis in developing countries. Writing a blog about water issues is not the solution but it will help to make us think about the hugh discrepancies between the wealthy countries and the developing world. While we take our water consumption for granted, we often forget that something as … [Read more...]

CSR cartoons

Ethical policy cartoon

Feeling bored and uninspired this morning, I decided to do an 'image' Google search on Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition to the obvious images like a green earth, flowers and bees, and flow charts with CSR strategies, the first search result page showed links to two Corporate Social Responsibility cartoons. Ethical policy The first cartoon focusses on the … [Read more...]

Chairman’s message CSR reports Australian Banks


It’s amazing these days what you can find on the web. Today I discovered Tagxedo ( which you can use to create visuals with words. It's really easy. As an example, I copied and pasted the text of the Chairman’s message of the CSR report of ANZ Bank. This is the result: Charles Goode, Chairman (ANZ Corporate Responsibility Review 2009) To compare, I … [Read more...]