The use of data graphics in CSR reports

NAB Greenhouse emissions

To learn more about graphs, I read ‘The Visual Display of Quantative Information', a book written by Edward Tufte, an American statistical professor who calls useless charts, ‘chart junk’. The title of his book ‘The Visual Display of Quantative Information’ does not sound very appealing. the book however, contains beautiful illustrations and is clearly written by someone … [Read more...]

The 2010 Vodafone sustainability report

In CSR (corporate social responsibility) reporting, there is no generic checklist a business can follow for writing a good CSR report. Depending on the industry, the size of the company and the country it operates in, each CSR report will have different focus areas. There are however ideas you can pick from published CSR reports. In this post I will look at the 2009 CSR report … [Read more...]

2009 HSBC sustainability report


An analysis of the 2009 HSBC sustainability report. A CSR report with a strong focus on the business opportunity of sustainability instead of the risk aspects. We all want to learn from the best. HSBC is a high CSR performer and it's therefore very useful to read their CSR report to see what I can learn from it. You may interested in reading this too. In his introduction, … [Read more...]

Economists ignore added value CSR

In my daily life, it's as if ‘green’ and 'being social' have taken over the world. In the supermarket, I see green products everywhere. Today I bought for the first time socially responsible bananas. In the papers, I notice a lot of ‘green’ and social advertising. My diaper supplier, Pampers, donates money to Unicef. On television, I see thousands of people in Copenhagen … [Read more...]