2009 HSBC sustainability report


An analysis of the 2009 HSBC sustainability report. A CSR report with a strong focus on the business opportunity of sustainability instead of the risk aspects. We all want to learn from the best. HSBC is a high CSR performer and it's therefore very useful to read their CSR report to see what I can learn from it. You may interested in reading this too. In his introduction, … [Read more...]

BHP Billiton and corporate support for indigenous communities

Today BHP Billiton published a one page advertisement on page seven of morning newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald (and probably in more newspapers) to fight the proposed tax reform by the Australian government. In the advertisement, the mining company explains to the public why applying the new tax scheme will hurt Australia. Interestingly, an advertisment on page 14 of the … [Read more...]

Irresponsible behavior by Australian companies

Australian businesses and public institutions do their utmost to make people believe that they manage their organizations in responsible ways. Hundreds of reports are published every year presenting loads of information on community programs and business initiatives to protect the environment collected by the corporate communications and CSR departments. The information is very … [Read more...]

What to read on Indian CSR?

What strikes me when I read discussions on Indian CSR on the Internet, that there is not much specific knowledge on Indian CSR. Most people talk from a western perspective and conclude that Indian CSR is non existent which is not the case. It depends on how you look at it but most Indian companies practice CSR but not in an explicit way like western companies do. I believe … [Read more...]